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SalesCamper : Team Selling Solutions

  • Sales Collaboration Tools
  • Team Selling Solutions
  • Designed for Mobility
  • Integrated Social Media
  • Easy To Use
  • No Training Needed

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  • Innovation Management
  • Project Collaboration
  • Business Communication
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  • Document Management





No Training Needed

Extremely Simple, Intuitive and Easy To Use

Hate sitting all day in training classes? Tired of wasting time learning software? Here is the good news! SalesCamper has been designed to be extremely simple, intuitive and easy to use. If you know how to use a PC or an iPad or an iPhone or any other mobile device, you will be able to navigate through all features of SalesCamper solutions without any training. Guaranteed! You will save time and your company will save thousands of dollars by eliminating the CRM and Team Collaboration Software training classes.


No Compromise Mobility

New generation Mobile & Social CRM solutions

SalesCamper has been designed for mobility from the ground up. For other CRM vendors, mobility has been an afterthought. SalesCamper offers:

—* Integrated Document Management solution
* —Information that is contextual, structured and
——* —Integrated Project Management
* ———Meticulous rendering on all Mobile devices
——* —Consistent User experience on PC & Mac


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Reliability & Security

High-profile Data Security

SalesCamper is delivered as a SaaS solution. With you data residing on managed virtual servers, you’ll receive a guaranteed uptime, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and accessible. With our reliable systems, you’ll have increased productivity, higher revenue, and greater opportunities. Put your business in the hands of a new generation Social Business Management and Sales collaboration solutions provider with a spotless uptime-record. Our proactive data center management ensures high availability and data security. It is kept safe with encryption, enterprise-level firewalls, opposite-coast redundancy, guarded and monitored data centers, world-class virus protection tools, and even more. Become a SalesCamper user and enjoy true peace of mind.

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Save Money on IT

SalesCamper: Value Priced & Cost Effective

Your Solution for Greater Productivity and Higher Sales Growth

Using SalesCamper Social Business Management and Sales Collaboration solutions, you have an opportunity to save 50-70 percent on your CRM, SFA and Business Collaboration Software acquisition costs, while significantly improving productivity, team collaboration and Sales success.

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A Solution exclusively Designed and Built for Today’s Mobile and Social Business Professionals

SC iPhone 6 2P


SalesCamper is a new generation CRM/SFA and Business Collaboration Solution, built in today’s Mobile and Social Media Age. Founded on the social business collaboration platform, SalesCamper enables users to share information and collaborate at work as easily as they casually communicate using other common social media tools in their personal lives. SalesCamper’s unique approach to sales process management via a socially collaborative, on-line business application platform provides users flexibility and interactivity in sharing sales information. Unlike traditional CRM software, this approach allows sales and business professionals to enjoy the benefits of business process automation without the complexity that comes with conventional solutions for document, knowledge and customer relationship management. The user experience is simple and engaging and the open platform allows for both internal collaboration and collaboration with clients and partners outside your organization. By combining the benefits of process management, social business and cloud technologies, SalesCamper’s goal is to revolutionize the way companies interact and conduct business on a global stage.


—It’s a sales and business collaboration tool

SC iPad mini

    ★ —Designed for Mobile devices
    —★ iPad, Tablets, PC and Mac
    —★ iPhone , Android and Windows phones
    ★ —Consistent user experience on PCs and Mac computers


——7 Reasons You Should Care

    ✔ Need a tool for team-based selling of complex goods and services to enterprise customers?
    ✔ —Need to improve sales productivity and boost win rates?
    ✔ —Need to leverage the power of team to close deals and deliver solutions faster?
    ✔ —Want a better and more effective way to collaborate and communicate with your team?
    ✔ —Want to manage projects more efficiently, and track milestones and tasks at every stage?
    ✔ —Want to manage accounts, contacts, tasks, events, leads and opportunity from anywhere and any device?
    ✔ —Want to connect and collaborate with your team, partners and customers on an easy to use social media platform?


— ——You don’t want to get bogged down with:


—► Complex CRM and IT systems implementation
► —Tedious training and long learning curve
► —Recurring high expenses






——SalesCamper is your solution of choice…


    ◆ —SalesCamper can help you achieve your sales goals at a fraction of a cost
    ◆ —Provides you an agile solution for project management, team collaboration and communication
    ◆ —No IT resource required to get up and running
    ◆ All you need is a device with a browser and Internet access to get started
    ◆ —SalesCamper, a new generation Sales Process Management solution for today’s mobile and social sales professionals


——SalesCamper Advantage

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    ✪ —SalesCamper has been designed for Mobility. For other CRM vendors, mobility has been an afterthought
    ✪ —SalesCamper is a simple and Collaborate CRM/SFA Solution focused on team selling
    ✪ —Integrated Document Management – everything is contextual, structured and organized
    ✪ —Integrated Project Management
    ✪ —Works on all Mobile devices
    ✪ —Consistent User experience on all devices
    ✪ —Easy to learn. No Training Required




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